Once upon a time a drop of sun fell from the Heaven...

waltyensidworld: ““Kingdom Dance from Tangled phone backgrounds (requested by anonymous) ” ”

Tangled - Chalk Mural by Blakem15192.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Tangled Tattoo I think that this would look awesome on my calf.this is the only Disney movie that I have ever even considered getting a tattoo of I just love it so much!

Rapunzel in the kingdom. I love this scene (but really, I love every scene in this movie)!

disneypavilion: “I made six iPhone wallpapers if anyone wants one🙈 if there are any requests tell me✨ ”

Arquitectura, Sueños y Acuarela (II) | PedacicosArquitectonicos

Cinderella Castle Polish artist Maja Wrońska, who was previously featured here, has a new collection of watercolor paintings of famous.

disney rapunzel - Buscar con Google

dedicated to walt disney's animation tangled. created to fulfill my obsessive tangled needs. a collection of graphics, gifs, quotes,.

Maxx Stephen Artist~ Rapunzel

maxxstephen: “Holy hair this took forever 😂😭 Can’t say I’m in love with it, but I also don’t hate it? 🤔 I was not anticipating how much detail the hair would be, and especially coloring the flowers first and the hair after, definitely caused some.

The only time I'll ever agree about planking being romantic!

They're perfect for each other!how i feel when i can't decide what Disney movie to watch.