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Hal Jordan-Sinestro Corps. Guy Gardner-Red Lantern Corps. John Stewart-Indigo Tribe Kyle Rayner-Blue Lantern Corps.

Blackest Night - Kyle the blue lantern, John Stewart of the Indigo Tribe, Guy Gardner the red lantern, Hal Jordan of the Sinestro Corps by Aaron Lopresti

Jade is the daughter of the Golden Age Green Lantern Alan Scott and Rose Canton. After giving birth to Jade and her brother Todd (who would later become Obsidian), the two were given up for adoption as Rose (at times a dangerous vigilante) was afraid she would harm them. It was under these circumstances that Jade became Jennifer Lynn Hayden, who was adopted by a couple

Daughter of the original Green Lantern and the psychotic Rose Thorn, Jenny Hayden became the superheroine known as Jade. She became the Green Lantern of Sector 2814 for a time while powerless.

Green Lantern #48 - “Close to Home” (2016) written by Robert Venditti art by Martin Coccolo, Billy Tan, Mark Irwin, & Tony Avina

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SS Fatality and GL John Stewart

Star Sapphire Fatality & Green Lantern John Stewart in Green Lantern Corps Vol 3 # 14 - Art by Fernando Pasarin, Scott Hanna, & Gabe Eltaeb

Green Lantern John Stewart by Tyler Kirkham

In brightest day In blackest night No evil shall escape my sight Let those who worship evils might Beware my power Green lanterns light