The Splendid Fairywren, also known simply as Blue Wren, is small bird found across much of Australia.

The Splendid Fairywren (Malurus splendens), also known simply as Blue Wren, is small bird found across much of Australia.

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New Holland Honeyeaters, a honeyeater species found throughout southern Australia. These birds love our backyard.

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Whiskered Treeswift is a species of bird in the Hemiprocnidae family. It is found in Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippi.

Female Cardinal Bird Portrait - fine art photography print by Allison Trentelman |

Bird Portrait, Fine Art Bird Photography Print "Female Cardinal No. 4"

Lilac-breasted roller ~ Dreamy Nature                                                                                                                                                                                 Más

Lilac-Breasted Roller * * " Hold fast to dreams, fer if dreams die, ones wrong roll of de dice, kin makes things likes a broken wing bird dat can'ts fly.

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The black and orange Flycatcher (Ficedula Nigrorufa). Endemic to Western Ghats, Nilgiris and Palni Hill Ranges in southern India. Some studies show it's related to thrushes and chats.

Green Jay (Cyanocorax yncas) in Texas Join us >> The world of birds

Australian Gouldian Finch                                                                                                                                                                                 Más

Australian Gouldian Finch, This beautiful bird is Threatened in the wild by naturally-occurring fires, introduced predators and capture for the pet trade.