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Blitzen is scolding Hearth LOL cute.

Blitzen is scolding Hearth LOL cute.~~~ it's probably about ruining a good set of innocent clothes.

Look a likes Magnus & Will, Jason & Luke

Look alike blondes XD poor dudes. Will Solace = Magnus Chase.<< I thought Luke was supposed to have longer hair.

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niktropolis: after i drew this i wanted to see what hearth would look like with a more accurate green blush.

Behind me, a broken voice said, "Magnus?" I turned, and almost jumped out of my Wiggles shirt. Standing in the doorway behind me was my cousin, Annabeth.

The art is awesome. The artist pictured Annabeth and Magnus really good<<<<<<eu só acho que a Annie é mais alta q o Magnus

[muffled screaming]

hey quick q how come the best character riordan ever created only gets 2 books :/

Blitzen, son of Freya, Svartalf dwarf

Finally can post these babies on here! I’m getting attached, so I really tried to do them justice for Rick Riordan’s website. PS: I’ve got so many questions asking why Alex Fierro wasn’t drawn yet,.

cookiecreation:  Magnus describing Annabeth’s hair as ‘wavy’ and not ‘curly’ intrigues me

cookiecreation: Magnus describing Annabeth’s hair as ‘wavy’ and not ‘curly’ intrigues me - PJO and Magnus Chase: Annabeth and Magnus

Alex Fierro

Alex Fierro, child of Loki. Magnus Chase series This picture finally shows how I envisioned Alex