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going to her surfer friends hosue called finn and she wouldn't move so he could vacumn so this happened

I love to hug my girl ^_^ Hold her forever ^_^ And maker her happy and live a beautiful life together

Nurcan Kacira

Nurcan Kacira

Most of the time we aren't dressing to impress men, but if you're curious – this is what your SO thinks you look best in.

The Best Outfits to Wear on a Date — Tried and Tested

Just wondering what you doing now? Just woke up. So watching the kid and man play. Think I have flu or something. How did you sleep?

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c o u p l e s have this thing they do called l o v e>>>>Mikey Murphy and Griffin Arnlund are so cute

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Guy shows you how to make this fantastic Cauliflower and Chorizo Salad.

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Nothing is more uplifting than an old couple in love... I want to be like this soo  badly one day.

Nothing is more uplifting than an old couple in love (31 Photos)