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CHERNOBYL. La cúpula que se está instalando sobre la central (AP).

Instalaron una cúpula gigante sobre la central de Chernobyl

It's billed as the "largest movable land-based structure ever built," and is an important step toward ultimately dismantling the reactor. The 1986 blast was the world's worst-ever nuclear disaster.

How to Photograph an Atomic Bomb: Plumbbob Hood, 74 kilotons, Nevada Test Site, July 5, 1957.

The Plumbbob Hood, 74 kilotons, Nevada Test Site, July This bomb is used with uranium the same power source inside of the nuclear reactors.

Chernobyl nuclear reactor

Pictured: The cap that is being lowered into place to protect the world from Chernobyl's crumbling tomb

Workers have raised the first section of a colossal arch-shaped structure that will cover the exploded nuclear reactor as part of a project to clean up the damage.

La-ciudad-fantasma-de-chernobyl.jpg (640×480)

Chernobyl disaster part the streets of Prypiat: Tens of ships were also abandoned due to radioactive contamination.

ChNPP. The 5th unit. Altitude mark + 6

Report from ChNPP. Not completed the and units.

Atomic Bomb Dome - Hiroshima, Japan

Atomic Bomb Dome - Hiroshima, Japan This is still standing as a reminder of the people lost.

La terrificante esplosione atomica di Fat Man su Nagasaki, il 9 Agosto 1945.  (Credits: Wikipedia)

Hiroshima August 1945 The U. dropped an atomic bomb on the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki killing millions of people. This was because Japan had attacked the U.

Gigantic Cloud of Radioactive Dust Rising From the Desert Floor

Eyerman—Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images A gigantic cloud of radioactive dust rises from the desert floor in Nevada while seven miles away members of the press watch an A-bomb test, March