The Duchess of Devonshire Tiara.they say its too heavy to wear for long periods of time/ WELL it is solid Diamonds

The Pahlavi Crown. Royal Jewels of the Pahlavi Dynasty of Iran .

The Pahlavi Crown, Iranian Crown Jewels,with which the Shah of Iran was crowned in crown is made of red velvet,gold and silver and it has 3380 diamonds and a 3 different rows there are a total of 369 natural emeralds and sapphires.

Charlemagne Crown, Carolus Magnus. Charlemagne (748-814), also known as Charles the Great (Latin: Carolus or Karolus Magnus) or Charles I

Official and Historic Crowns of the World and their Locations Funerary Crown Mary of Burgundy

Above is the emerald and diamond tiara of Marie-Thérèse-Charlotte, the Duchess of Angoulême.  Through several peculiar quirks of fate it is one of the few crown jewels of France to remain unaltered…

The Tiara of Marie-Thérèse

The tiara of Marie-Therese the only living child of Marie-Antoinette & Louis XVI. It is a beautiful Emerald & diamond tiara in a symmetrical design of scrolling foliage, mounted w/over 1000 diamonds set in silver, & 40 emeralds set in gold.

В 1973 году королева Елизавета получила тиару в дар от ювелирной компании «Джеррард и компания». В центре украшения находится цветок из рубина и бриллиантов, а серебро с бриллиантами создает стилизацию лепестков цветка. В обрамлении тиары присутствуют 96 бриллиантов. Она называется «бирманской», так как рубины и бриллианты были подарены королеве в качестве свадебного подарка от бирманцев,

The Burmese Ruby Tiara: QE II ordered the tiara in 1973 from Garrard & Co. The rubies and diamonds in this tiara came from the Queen's private collection. She received the 95 rubies as a wedding present in 1947 from the Burmese people.

Tiara of Archduchess Margarethe Klementine Maria of Austria.

A large diamond tiara belonging to the Thurn und Taxis family, known as the Empire Tiara. Designed as a series of large diamond clusters, some ontop of each other, others topped with honeysuckle motfis.

A part of the Imperial Jewels of Iran, used by HIM Empress Farah Attached Thumbnails

The royal ruby tiara, presently displayed at The Treasury of National Jewels of Iran, made by Leon Abedian