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smart girls and cats

Alex Dunphy (Ariel Winter) - Dumb guys go for dumb girls and smart guys go for dumb girls. What do smart girls get? Phil Dunphy (Ty Burrell) - Cats, mostly.

Modern Family #modernfamily #modernfamilyquotes

Who doesn't love phil modern family ty burrell ariel winter alex dunphy 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

I laughed so hard, I had to rewind it and watch it again. I love this moment.

"Sorry you couldn't come to the wedding. It was no kids. I'll come to your next one." "She means when she's not a kid anymore." "I'll get over it." -Sal, Lily and Mitchell, Modern Family

What does a transparent blog look like?

Spin off of a Good Charlotte song. "Girls don't like boys; girls like cars and money. Boys will laugh at girls when they're not funny.

HAHAHA i love modern family, luke is my favorite

Boys rule and girls drool.

She Is Wise Beyond Her Years. | 17 Reasons Lily From "Modern Family" Is A Role Model To All Women

17 Reasons Lily From "Modern Family" Is A Role Model To All Women

One of my favorite jokes on this show! Community: 17 Reasons Lily From "Modern Family" Is A Role Model To All Women

You Think I Smother Our Child?#funny #lol #lolzonline

"You think I smother our child?" "Now honey, it's not your fault, "mother" is part of the word. You never hear of anyone being "sfathered" to death." - Claire and Phil, Modern Family

modern family quote

Funny pictures about Pink And Gay Men. Oh, and cool pics about Pink And Gay Men. Also, Pink And Gay Men photos.

Modern Family Pictures – 35 Pics

The Modern Family Guide to the Spontaneous Summer

One of my favorite shows of all time and with fall coming up that means a whole new season of the Dunphys, espcially Phil show is the life blood of the show. Enjoy these Modern Family TV Quotes. See more modern family quotes.