From Bugandbeanstitching on Etsy.

*HOLIDAY INFO* I will be closing shop December to insure all orders arrive by Christmas. Shown in 6 hoop,

Mrs. Kitty's Embroidery Basket: Just for fun~

Playing with color and texture - NEEDLEWORK - After I finished a monster project I just wanted to stitch but not on anything heavy. So here is my interpretation of playing with rainbows and


Life IS Beautiful and you can remember it always with this free sampler pattern. It’s very cute and uses lots of color. Perfect for spring. The free sampler pattern can be found here.

This sweet embroidery reminds us (at least in our part of the world) what we have to look forward to next Spring. This is "Bee's World" from The Floss Box

The Bees World crewel embroidery kit includes pre-printed fabric, yarns, and a needle. Full printed instructions with stitches too are included. Thanks for visiting The Floss Box on Etsy

Dado el éxito que tuvo este post, quise buscar algunos patrones gratuitos para que puedan descargar y bordar lo que se les ocurra. Si bien la mayoría entregan sólo el diseño -cosa que podrían hacer…

Alice in Wonderland Hoop what a beautiful embroidery project to hand create.This would look so cute on a little girls pillow case or on a quilt.

Fieltro bastidores-embroidery-hoops

I've been wanting to do the little pink house from the Sew Mama Sew tutorial since they first posted it. (via hazelnutgirl)