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The last real hug between the Doctor and Rose, which you can't really see very well in "Journey's End."

The last real hug between the Doctor and Rose, which you can't really see very well in "Journey's End. I can't even. I just can't even right now.

Oh! I'm pretty boy!

David Tennant pretty boy - Doctor Who gif Oh yes you are mister

I love their expressions.  David's is all, "Hehe, the 10/Rose shippers are gonna go nuts," and Billie's is all, "Yeah, I'm in David's arms; be jealous."

Oh hello Ten/Rose ship that reminds me how much I miss you and that makes me want to cry right now.<-already crying

Oh tenrose hurts my heart

THE FEELS. <<< It was a dangerous time to be against the Doctor, given that he'd just gotten his Rose back.

I love this episode

One of my favoriteDoctor Who lines ever! Rose and the Doctor!<<that face in the middle cracks me up though!

Haha I can't stop watching this

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Kiss mimimi

Doctor Who Confidential - The Valiant Quest. Gifs with Tennant and the Master.

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*Son-Neko - deviantART Rose and Haha I love the wallpaper and the hair moving behind the couch cracked me up.

<3 quite possible my fave moment in the whole of Doctor Who!

Reason I love Ten: That look on his face when he sees Rose again.

Rose will always be the only love for him

The Doctor and Rose Tyler. Together in the TARDIS. <--- yes, yes, but River and the Doctor forever!

Rose and 10  in the TARDIS

The Doctor & Rose Tyler (David Tennant & Billie Piper)