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Mark Schultz

comicshistory: Mark Schultz Sweet dream: Being rich enough to publish everything Schultz wants to draw and have to care about making a profit.

Mark Schultz Xenozoic Tales

This print's linework alone celebrates Mark Schultz' mastery of composition.

the cover to the Tarzan The Untamed trade paperback by Mark Schultz

Mark Schultz Tarzan the Untamed Cover Original Art (Dark Horse, Edgar Rice Burroughs' classic jungle - Available at 2015 February 19 - 21 Comics &.

Xenozoic art from Mark Schultz.

Xenozoic art from Mark Schultz. One of my absolute favorite artists.

Cadillacs & Dinosaurs comics(Xenozoic Tales)

Cadillacs and Dinosaurs - Mark Schulz Wonderful black and white comic, a must read.