A Twa (Pygmy) man in an ecstatic dance, Bubanza Province, central Burundi.

A Twa (Pygmy) man in an ecstatic dance, Bubanza Province, central Burundi. - African Dance Inspiration (music and videos too) PD

Caribbean dancer {image reference for joy of life, lifestyle, happiness, attitude}

Caribbean dancer Oh to dance with that passion and abandon!


BEloved I LOVE dancing with YOU.moving our bodies, celebrating in timelessness. Such a fun dance chemistry


The female American student dancing with children in an African village shows the possibilities of study abroad.

Zimbabwe dancers Oh, how I loved them. Their exuberance, boldness, rhythm, harmony.  This is how they worship God.

Children dance at a school in Harare, Zimbabwe, photograph by Giacomo Pirozzi. UNICEF assists the school and its AIDS club, an extracurricular programme that promotes HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention and supports children affected by HIV/AIDS.

dança da cordinha

by Malian photographer Malick Sidibe. Sidibe is noted for his black and white photos of pop culture in Bamako.


Afriky Lolo is a nationally acclaimed West African Dance Company located in St.

Dance, Searching, Mondo, Dancing, Search, Prom

Depression is A Disease of Civilization: Hunter-Gatherers Hold the Key to the Cure

nabokovcazandomariposas: “ p-lanet-e-arth: “ nationalgeographicmagazine: “ Hadza Dance, Tanzania Photograph by Martin Schoeller This Month in Photo of the Day: National Geographic Magazine.



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Standing in ballet is a little more complicated than it seems. And then, somehow, you must remember to BREATHE!