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40 Incredible Chalk Paint Furniture Ideas

I want to repaint a dresser like this for the girls.

Might do but with a boy color!

Purple Ombre Dresser - another possibility for Ana.

Purple Ombre Dresser

Making a unique and beautiful obmre dresser is probably easier then you think. Ombre means shaded or graduated in tone of color.


DIY dresser Volkswagen bus hippie - imagine this in a kids room with peace sign bedding. - Marble Crafting Inc.

Re-Loved Teal Ombre Dresser Makeover for a girls room

Check out the before picture above of this weeks re-loved project, what d’you think? I picked this up from a local yard sale site and was super excited to get cracking on …

Flower Dresser Makeover by The Far Fifty - as Featured on Furniture Flippin

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