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anillo de oro de los años 60 con piedra malaquita

anillo de oro de los años 60 con piedra malaquita

la historia de los huevos de pascua faberge y de la corte imperial rusa | Revista de moda y noticias

Faberge Eggs: Malachite Coach Egg The Malachite Coach Egg opens to reveal a…

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A classy accent to a formal peacoat could be a normal tie, but why be an ordinary man, when you can be the most interesting man in the world. (Bow-tie) Scull and Oars :)

Spanish ring, sixteenth century. Colombian Emerald and gold.

Ring from Century Spain – Gold, enamel, Columbian emerald. Produced with materials from the conquest of the Northwest coast of South America.

Emerald and Diamond Tiara

The Devonshire emerald tiara, featuring five slightly 'A' symetrical diamond and emerald motifs, with smaller spacers of emeralds surrounded by diamonds.

Jerusalem .935 Pendant/Pin-Eilat Stone & Touquoise The gold filigree pendant and pin offers a piece of history. .935 Silver was made before 1948 Israel. The center stone is an Eilat Stone, which is the national stone of Israel, and also is called a King Solomon Stone. The cabochon cut stone is derived from the city of Eilat; where it was once mined. It is a mixture of copper minerals of malachite, azurite, turquoise, and others. It is set in gold filigree and has 7 turquoise stones around…

Jerusalem .935 Pendant/Pin-Eilat Stone Tourquoise

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A vintage Art Deco 800 silver, lipstick case holder, with mirror and green malachite cabochon stone, offered by MintAndMade. This gorgeous lipstick case holder has an engraved scroll pattern and a green stone that is most likely malachite. When you open the case, the mirror pops open. The stone moves up and down the slot in order to raise and lower the lipstick. What a glamorous fashion accessory! Our plastic lipstick dispensers, just don't compare.

Art Deco Silver Lipstick Case and Mirror - Green Malachite Stone - Vintage 800 Silver Cosmetic Case

19th century frontlet or tiara made of gold and set with malachite and coloured marble.  French.

century frontlet or tiara made of gold and set with malachite and colored marble, French.

La música siempre ha desempeñado un papel importante en la vida de los egipcios. En la antigüedad las familias ricas tenían sus propias compañías de músicos y bailarines, cuya función era hacer más…

Música y danza en el antiguo Egipto

Abu Simbel, Small Temple, Nefertari dedicated to the wife of Ramesses II and Goddess Harthor, Nefartari with Sistrum Date

OMG...the pattern matching is spectacular!!!  Robe à la française, 1775 France, KCI

Robe à la française Inventory Number(s): KCI c. 1775 This garment was worn by Madame Oberkampf, whose husband established the modern printing industry in Jouy-en-Josas in the suburbs of Paris, when she had an audience with Queen Marie Antoinette in