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Illustration of the Flor de la Mar

The Lost Treasure of Flor de la Mar, Flower of the Sea

Château de Brissac and the Ghost of the Green Lady

Château de Brissac is a castle located in the commune of Brissac-Quincé, the department of Maine-et-Loire, France. The castle is recorded to have been built during the century, and has a long and

This old map looks great on the wall and is always a conversation starter. A very nice large map of Arizona's Lost Mines, Ghost Towns and Frontier Military Forts. Includes all the old camps and mines. Each historic map is aged by hand with a special organic staining process. No two are alike! Size: 18"x 22&;quot

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Hunting for Treasure Ideas for teaching the Kingdom Parables: " Parable of the Hidden Treasure and  Parable of the Valuable Pearl

Cape Cod: 'Yellow Brick Road' of Gold Leads Diver to Pirate Treasure of Massachusetts Whydah Wreck - IBTimes UK

Map of Florida.  H.H. Hardesty, Rand, McNally & Co. 1883.  From Hardesty's Historical and geographical encyclopedia, illustrated. Margins waterstained.

We just love old Florida maps! Vintage Map of Florida. Hardesty, Rand, McNally & Co.

The Time When Alexander the Great was ‘Defeated’

10 things you should know about the Macedonian army of Alexander the Great, the veritable fighting machine of the ancient world.

Swords, brawls, and clandestine love affairs are often the stuff of fairy tales and adventure stories. But in the case of Julie d'Aubigny of Paris, this was all part of her everyday life. Also kno

Page from the Codex Wallerstein "Mademoiselle Maupin de l'Opéra". Anonymous print, ca.

The Ascension of Gilgamesh: Did the Epic Hero Actually Exist? - http://www.ancient-origins.net/history-famous-people/ascension-gilgamesh-did-epic-hero-actually-exist-008782 …

ancient-origins on

The Epic of Gilgamesh is widely recognized and frequently a required reading for world literature courses. The poem is considered a masterpiece in its own right, not just because it is the earliest piece of Western epic poetry.

A Selyemút elveszett mellékágát fedezhették fel 4300 méteres magasságban. Forrás: http://24.hu/tudomany/2016/04/19/a-selyemut-elveszett-mellekagat-fedezhettek-fel-4300-meteres-magassagban/#

Court Ladies Preparing Newly Woven Silk Attributed to Emperor Huizong Chinese, Northern Song dynasty, early century

Musical Monk: Guido of Arezzo and His Impact on the History of Music | Ancient Origins

Guido of Arezzo was a monk who lived during the Middle Ages, and may be considered as one of the most influential figures in the history of modern music. During the Middle Ages, the monastery was one

Performance and Power: Moche Priestesses Uncovered

Detail of a mural depicting a Moche priestess. Reconstruction of a Moche priestess.

The Wenhaston Doom: A Surprising Medieval Relic, #Doomsday Message—and a Reminder of Pre-Christian #Traditions

The Wenhaston Doom: A Surprising Medieval Relic, Doomsday Message—and a Reminder of Pre-Christian Traditions

Seers, Women of Action: The Sibyls of the Ancient World, " Those that are Gifted " ......

Seers, Women of Action: The Sibyls of the Ancient World, " Those that are Gifted " .

As Ancient Origins reported in its article “The True Story of Pocahontas as Not Told by Disney,” the real life Pocahontas was different from her portrayal in the 1995 animated feature film. However, the image of a young Indian princess risking everything for her love, John Smith, has gripped the popular imagination and will not let go.

Pocahontas, after Oil on canvas by Unidentified Artist.