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Hahaha, not sure about that skinny dipping part, but I do agree on the first part. || Zodiac | Pisces | ♓

The key to a Pisces heart is to go with the flow, feel the love, and go skinny dipping with then under the stars :)

The fastest way to gross out a Virgo is to neglect your personal hygiene, forget your manners and present shoddy work. -- Sherene Schostak | Astrology.com #horoscope #virgo #astrology

Don't Like Stinky, Rude And Lazy People! The Fastest Way To Gross Out A Virgo Is To Neglect Your Personal Hygiene, Forget Your Manners And Present Shoddy Work.

the only thing I don't agree with the animals... I do not like them.. but I am Loyal af... too bad ppl don't see that.. oh well their lost

the only thing I don't agree with the animals. but I am Loyal af. too bad ppl don't see that.