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Por toda esa gente...

Mommy & Not Me- not having kids is just in some women's genes.


Funny: I am going to start cleaning the house. And by cleaning, I mean drinking wine and spraying everything with Febreeze.

Oh yes. Im over the petty bullshit.

Morgan Freeman Meme: Actually, no, my post wasn't about you. But if the shoe fits, feel free to lace that bitch up and wear it.

I wish one of my personalities liked to clean...

I wish one of my personalities liked to clean. No because I don't clean. Says the reluctant housewife

True & other times you just have to sit back & realize  you can't fight with stupid people, there's no need to prove your point or explain anything to a "nobody " with tunnel vision & hearing lol

Sometimes you have to flip out and go bat shit crazy to a point.very true

Lmao now do you get it

I've taken up cycling, running, and swimming. I run to the liquor store, then I'm swimming in wine and constantly peeing. It's a vicious cycle. So yeah, I'm a triathlete.

Clay Walker - "Ain't My Truck"

I’m set on cruise control, I’m slowly losing hold of everything I got, you’re looking so damn hot. And I don’t know what road we’re on or where we’ve been from staring at you girl. All I know is I don’t want this night to end♥

Hahahaha. So my kitchen guys.

Funny pictures about Five minutes to close. Oh, and cool pics about Five minutes to close. Also, Five minutes to close.

You can never have enough Kristen Wiig. Or Bridesmaids.

19 Kristen Wiig Moments From Bridesmaids That Are Literally You

what kind of a name is Stove? An appliance. You're an appliance. i have laughed more at this movie the past three days than i ever though possible!


No one is too pretty to work. To lazy or stupid maybe, but never too pretty. I need to find one my husband thinks I'm too pretty to work.

Autograph like a boss. hahahaha!! i love johnny depp

Autograph like a boss.

Fireball whiskey did not whisper temptations in my ear. It shouted, "BITCH, YOU GONNA ACT A FOOL!" | Party Ecard | someecards.com

Fireball whiskey did not whisper temptations in my ear. It shouted, 'BITCH, YOU GONNA ACT A FOOL!' so true luke bryan, florida Georgia line 2013