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South sándwich islands, antartic

50 Years of Wildlife Photographer of the Year – in pictures

Photograph: Cherry Alexander/NHM his magnificent blue iceberg was shot from a ship off the South Sandwich Islands in Antarctica. It’s a cathedral of ancient ice, with a little group of Adélie penguins and a prion perfectly positioned overhead.


A Black hole spewing its energy deep into space. (A gamma ray burst) Awesome.

Spiral Iceberg in Antarctica — Photo by Steve Bulford.

Spiral iceberg in Antarctica - Wow! So many amazing things to see that nature provides right here on earth. A work of art!

Norway ♥Follow us♥

The steepest sidearm of the main Folgefonna glacier on the eponymous peninsula and National Park Norway.

Humpback #whale fin

Astonishing pictures show how a Devon kayaker got up close and personal with a humpback whale feeding frenzy

Humpback whale 'lobtailing' in Chatham Strait. The whale brings its tail down hard on the surface of the water - a sound that can be heard for a distance of several hundred metres underwater. Taken by kayaking photographer Duncan Murrell

K2 (also known as Chhogori/Qogir, Ketu/Kechu, and Mount Godwin-Austen) is the second-highest mountain on Earth, after Mount Everest. It is located on the border[2] between Baltistan, in the Gilgit–Baltistan region of Pakistan, and the Taxkorgan Tajik Autonomous County of Xinjiang, China.[3] With a peak elevation of 8,611 m (28,251 feet),

Above The Clouds: Awe-Inspiring Photos Of Mount Roraima

12 Stunning Photos of Places Decorated with the Most Beautiful Element Water in Solid State Glacier stream on Karakorum Mountains - Northern Pakistan

Gullfoss, Iceland. 黃金瀑布,冰島。

A moulin on Gulkana glacier, in Southeast Fairbanks Census Area County, Alaska, USA

Экология: береги природу! | Животные и растения | ВКонтакте

Curling waves pickup the sand and through it back unto the beach

Hopefully I get to study abroad in Tuscania, Italy next Summer so I can see views like this.

Cinque de Terre along the Italian Riviera. Hope to go there when we visit Italy. Cinque de Terre along the Italian Riviera. Hope to go there when we visit Italy.

Swiss alps at night, Switzerland : pics

Austria - Where Time and Space come close to snow bound mountains to touch the sky. Let this beautiful winter wonderland take your breath away.

The Blue Tunnel, Queen Maud Land, Antarctica

The Blue Tunnel ~ An amazing 5 m high 150 m long ice tunnel formed by melt water and pressure ridges on the ice shelf near the Schirmacher Oasis,Queen Maud Land, Antarctica. Only reason to go to Antarctica lol