Mottisfont Abbey

It's *hot* here in the UK - we are in the middle of a (long-awaited) heatwave, and the roses are just loving it. Roses here in Autumn Cottage garden are really flourishing this year - and I've just called in.

Mexican decor: courtyard

Blooming hot pink bougainvillea decorating a white entrance or archway to a stone patio. Beautiful, can't wait to have my beautiful garden.


Gardening in pots, stunning window, vine, stone with moss and greens. French country style - JUST GORGEOUS!

Garden Beds, Flower Beds, Border Garden, Balconies, Lush, Portal

Gypsy Purple home......

Roses Pierre de Ronsard and antique terracotta olive oil jars. Bravo for whoever captured this photo, the colors are lovely!


Make Your Patio a Perfect Retreat

Wooden Potting Bench nestled in an herb and vegetable garden

So many things to love about the photo. Potting bench, bird houses, watering can, and gate