Everyone stop. I need a moment....

Would've been a perfect time for Harry to get revenge, you catch my drift?

Me at school yesterday when I remembered we had a test worth 65% of our grade

We had take a history test and since I don't study cause my teacher Harry told me to study the rainbow I was busy doing that and looking vid of the boys and pics and got 76 oh well

Haha, we could have a directioner reunion!<-------- PLEASE MAKE THIS HAPPEN!!!!! SIGN YOUR NAME IF YOU AGREE!!!!!!! <---Kayla <------Sarah<------Jess<----Brittany

Haha, we could have a directioner reunion! But OMG that's really funny

•you are not the world, but you are everything that makes the world good• @livylane

The Sass Masta From Doncasta everyone! (It's just an edit for any confusion what so ever)

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Why is Liam literally the sweetest, kindest, handsomest, and caring person on this planet? I want a liam