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Granada, la ciudad de las tres culturas, se viste de blanco en invierno para que todos los amantes de la nieve puedan disfrutar de su pasión en su estación: Sierra Nevada.

Trees sleep at night just like any other plants and animal; and scientist have witnessed trees resting their branches while asleep for the first time.

Quem tudo suporta em silêncio - calúnia, agressões, injúrias - conquista uma autoridade moral que faz calarem os opositores e transforma aversão em admiração. Chico Xavier

Gorgeous orange autumn leaves drifting down into the forest woodlands pool of water as fog begins to drift in among the trees in the distance. - DdO:) - Rippling reflections of the old key subject tree.

Kostenloses Bild auf Pixabay - Wald, Luhy, Die Auen, Wasser, Fluss

Free Image on Pixabay - Forest, Luhy, The Floodplain, Water

Branches, Tree, Twigs, Bark, High, Tall, Trees, Trunk

Free Image on Pixabay - Branches, Tree, Twigs, Bark, High

The Dark Hedges Co. Antrim, Bregagh Road, Northern Ireland | Copyright: Jacek_Kadaj / via sutterstock  #PadreMedium

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The Dark Hedges Co. Antrim, Bregagh Road, Northern Ireland Check Out The Most Majestical Trees In The World!