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Empezó a llover y decidimos quedarnos en casa a leer. Supimos que eran disparos cuando oímos el grito.

Open your windows. smell the rain on the grass, hear it fall on your roof. Love the smell of rain.

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She tells me she wants to be a raindrop. She doesn't mind falling as long as she's not alone. And raindrops are never alone.


Have you ever woken up early on an autumn morning? Creeping downstairs as quiet as humanly possibly in order to keep the peace? After you brew a pot of coffee, you sit on a window seat and gaze through the glass, admiring the foggy stillness

Feeling the rain

Inspired By: Rain

Venga entra. No te enfades. Cenamos en casa y ponemos una película. Pero de miedo.

Raindrops falling from heaven could never take away my misery, but since we're not together I'll wait for stormy weather, to hide these tears I hope you'll never see - unknown

Falling rain

An entry from My Dear Adventurous Heart

something so beckoning in the feel, scent & beauty of a warm Summer rain