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Avengers and Frozen swap. << I'm just laughing so hard because the one of frozen becoming avengers was basically what happened to my friend and me

Perfect angel Hayley Atwell napping where she can on Agent Carter’s set.

Perfect angel Hayley Atwell napping where she can on Agent Carter’s set.- I feel like Hayley Atwell is my spirit animal.

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73 Random Pictures for Today

Mark Ruffalo remembering one time when he went to his daughter's preschool. His daughter: "YEAH, HE'S THE HULK!

"Gifs in which Hawkeye is shooting a gun but his arm still goes back like he's pulling a bowstring." <-- Well isn't that something.

Hawkeye is pulling his invisible bow string even when he's shooting a gun.

Col. James "Rhodey" Rhodes - War Machine

Because Rhodey is the best and deserves way more fan love.


The Avengers: Captain America/Steve Rogers, Thor, Iron Man/Tony Stark, Hawkeye/Clint Barton, Black Widow/Natasha Romanoff & Hulk/Bruce Banner

Pepperony < PEPPERONY

mine tony stark too many feels Iron Man 2 pepperony pepper potts tonystarknetwork i was mylaufeyson pepper has had enough of your shit tony but 'a drunken man always tells the truth' omg

James Rhodes || Pinboard Cover Image

James Rhodes || Pinboard Cover Image