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“when i look at them i feel like they would turn into real life bts. just imagine that you just bought them then suddenly poof bts appears”

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Don't you worry Jinnie~ I would never dare take him away from you (tgeyre meant to be together, let's not break them apart) << lolololol

I thought y'all were convincing me not scaring me tf away

He always looks amazing!!!!! Love him ma bias, they all look great tho as always

BTS on Jimmy Kimmel I am a RM stan.he is so freaking beautiful uggghh

He got so offended

“When Namjoon was freestyling & he directly dissed Jimin saying if he is basketball shoes JIMIN is just flip-flops😂”

Look how young and cute! Can't believe it's been 2.5 years

They are so cute and handsome,right?My bias are Suga,Bwi~,Kookie.My bias wreckers are Jin,J-Hope and Namjoon and Chimchim.


sugasuite: “ [HD] 170611 2017 BTS Festa Family Photos “So Jin and Taetae being singled out….

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Wake up. And face with these men. If you cannot withstand temptation, You better enjoy