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The Anatomy of a Hangover

good to know: the anatomy and remedies for a hangover (remember, smart water!

“The two lobes of the cerebrum were called by the ancients Cain and Abel, and have much to do with the legend of the curse with Cain, which is literally the curse of unbalance. For the murder of the spirit of the equilibrium Cain is sent forth a wanderer of the earth.”  ~ Manly P. Hall

The Best Sport For Your Brain

Brain Anatomy  My vision is to help people live healthy, fulfilling lives...on and off line. Visit http://VibrantExistence.com

The Brain Anatomical Chart

ANATOMY: Anatomical Chart of the Brain. Did you know that the brain makes up about of a human's body weight? The cerebrum alone makes up of the brain's weight! The human brain is largest brain of all vertebrates relative to body size.

Bone Facts

Facts About Bones. Okay hyoid bone. Don't put a picture of a sacrum next to the fact about a hyoid bone.

Heart Disease Infographic health, fitness, lifestyle #fastsimplefit Get Free Fitness and Weight Loss News and Tips by Liking Us on: www.facebook.com/FastSimpleFitness

heart health info-graphic: heart conditions, educate the people you love about heart disease

Science | Tipsographic | More science tips at http://www.tipsographic.com/

The Science-based Secrets to Boosting Your Confidence

INFOGRAPHIC: not all stem cells are created equal. *Cell Therapy Foundation does…

Stroke.  Could you spot a stroke if you saw one? http://www.pinterest.com/wghoots/nursing-student/

It is important to knw stroke symptoms because earlier treatment means better outcome. National Stroke Alert Day is May 5

Watch the healing process with a digital x-ray cast. Amazing!

Fun Tattoos for your cast. Want your X-Ray on your cast? Send us the digital file of your x-ray, and we’ll send you back your break in print, ready to be applied directly to your cast.

I just had to pin this for my anatomy classes!! LOL

TIL about farts

Fart facts you didn't know.this is freakin' awesome! The one that scares me though is where it says people can still fart after death. Haha that's weird!

For tonight!! Happy New Years Eve :-)

How to prevent a hangover. The only way to prevent a hangover, according to science.

Understand Your Body - Pancreas

Understand Your Body - Pancreas

Understand Your Body: Pancreas *Correction: The body produces glucagon when blood glucose is low, and insulin when it's high*

Parkinson's Disease anatomy poster lists symptoms of this neurological #brain disorder such as decreased/loss of sense of smell, depression, sleep problems, etc. #memory

Understanding Parkinson's Disease 20x26

Understanding Parkinson's Disease anatomy poster lists symptoms such as decreased/loss of sense of smell, depression, sleep problems, etc. Neurology chart for doctors and nurses.


How A Heart Attack Is Different From Cardiac Arrest

What You Don't Know Will Kill You [AED Infographic]. The shocking truth about Sudden Cardiac Arrest.