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Linda Mina haciendo Cosplay - Tasha Chin (NUEVOS COSPLAY)

Linda Mina haciendo Cosplay - Tasha Chin (NUEVOS COSPLAY)

When Diablo III launched in South Korea, the country's most famous cosplay collective, Spiral Cats, was on hand. Spiral Cats' member Tasha pulled off a wonderful Demon Hunter—a character she revisits in this photo set.

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Linda Mina haciendo Cosplay - Tasha Chin (NUEVOS COSPLAY)

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"A warrior princess denies her inner demons entrance into a world she fights to protect; for they have no place in a life that craves personal victory.bh [Skyrim: Nightingale Cosplay] I have to say Nightingale Armour is my favorite armor from Skyrim.

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I pull my hood down and leap off the building, running down the wall and backflip to the ground. Backing into the shadows i melt into darkness." On (Wearable Technology Clothing)


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