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ust 2500 Drokpas live in three small villages in the Dha-Hanu valley of Ladakh, a disputed territory between India and Pakisthan. Their exquisite and ornamental dress reflects their cultural exuberance and impressive appetite for decoration.

Karo Tribe, Ethiopia. Photo by Jimmy Nelson | Yellowtrace

Before They Pass Away by Jimmy Nelson

"Before They Pass Away," series of the world's remotest tribes, members of the indigenous farming and agricultural Karo Tribe of The Omo Valley, situated in Africa’s Great Rift Valley photographed by Jimmy Nelson, 2011


Fascinantes Fotografías De Las Tribus Más Remotas Del Mundo. Antes De Que Desaparezcan

Photographer Jimmy Nelson traveled the world to document the cultures of indigenous tribes at risk of disappearing. It took him over four years to complete his project and the result is the brilliant book “Before They Pass Away.

ceremony2000: “Huli Wigmen, Papua New Guinea. Photo by: Jimmy Nelson ”

Over three years, photographer Jimmy Nelson travelled the world, ‘visiting more than 35 groups, tribes and people of indigenous cultures’ to create his incredible photo series, 'Before They Pass Away'.

Natives of Mustang, Nepal - photos of 12 tribes before they pass away http://www.businessinsider.com/jimmy-nelsons-tribal-photos-before-they-pass-away-2014-2?IR=T

12 Epic Photos Of The World's Disappearing Tribes

Incredible, dynamic group shots The Mustang People of Nepal, photographed by Jimmy Nelson in Before They Pass Away

5. Hamar – Ethiopia  Hunters and gatherers, the Hamar live in the Omo Valley, located in the Great Rift Valley of Africa. They engage in trade with other local tribes, bartering beads, cloth, cattle and food. The people of the Hamar were influenced by Evangelists and Islam, practicing a mixture of both, along with Traditional African Animism.

Photographer Captures 35 Tribes Before They Pass Away

Ladakhi - Inde  Photo : Jimmy Nelson

Les dernières tribus indigènes du monde par le photographe Jimmy Nelson

Ladakhi, India: The people of Ladakh (meaning land of the passes) live in very high mountain valleys between the Himalaya and Karakoram ranges in the northern Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir.

Pictures of the last tribes on earth by Jimmy Nelson

The nomadic Nenets, a group of reindeer herders, live in the extreme climate of Siberia’s Yamal Peninsula. Temperatures drop to minus 60 degrees Fahrenheit in winter and rise to 95 degrees Fahrenheit during summer months.