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A look at the evolution of Sonic The Hedgehog. How the animated mascot and logo design has changed for SEGA's enduring game over the past 25 years.

Olha oque tem dentro do buraco  Kkkkkkkkk *aparece rei do zelda cagadão* Miiiii boooooi O fuck... *sai correndo junto com os links*

I like Zelda

Link and The Links AU: Circle Of Tri Well excuuuuuuuse me, Princess

console-said-about-you.jpg (1000×6201)

What Does Your Game Console Say About You? [INFOGRAPHIC]

You know what they say: The Xbox doesn't fall too far from the tree. This infographic hilariously breaks down what your game console says about you.>>>It's true about xbox one

Let's Spice Things Up

Mark Molnar, who's currently creating his art book, Behind The Pixels, presents Project Dune, a personal project inspired by the world of the original Dun

I've never really understood why some pokémon only have 2 evolutions instead of 3

Tim Burton Pokemon (Vaughn Pinpin) - 9GAG

Tim Burton Pokemon (Vaughn Pinpin)

tim burton inspired pokemon - The Tim Burton x PKMN Project By Vaughn Pinpin

Mario 64 DS Ending by on @deviantART

And in the the end: -Mario had his kiss; -Luigi wanted his kiss (but he never received); -Wario wanted his money (but neather he received); -And Yoshi.

AC: Decoy by on @deviantART

AC: Decoy by JessKat-art on DeviantArt

Legend of Zelda Facts

The Legend of Zelda Fast The Legend of Zelda Facts, Not Opinions, Facts! The Legend of Zelda Facts, Not Opinions, Facts! the legend of zelda fast

Bowser by necos

Bowser from the Video Game Super Mario.

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Space Gym by Tobe Fonseca

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare's Zombies mode

[Video] Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare - Zombies in Spaceland Reveal Trailer

I could see Aaliyah wearing something like this

Amazing costume idea for Bene Gesserit witches by Bruno Gauthier Leblanc

Old school mario.  This looks a little weird to be honest.

Old school mario. This looks a little weird to be honest.

Ryu Alternate (Street Fighter V) by DHK88 on DeviantArt

AKA "Hot" Ryu or as I call it, "Leonidas" Ryu Ryu Alternate (Street Fighter V)