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David Carson

A man diving appears on the premiere October 1997 issue of Blue. Art Director David Carson, known for his innovative typography and photography designed the magazine cover.

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Jean-Luc Godard: Style Icon

Modern Gigposter Design: 100 Stunning Examples

Lady Danville by Concepcion Studios. The art of graphic design and screenprinting in the apparel industry is growing and becoming more popular. Screenprinting is one of the oldest methods of textile prints and is still very relevant today and the help of


Snapper is an unusual novel with two main concerns:birdwatching and Southern Indiana. Mainly an account of the picaresque misadventures of main character Nathan Lochmueller, this novel is both is amusing and compassionate.

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It& time for another edition of The Comfort of Thingy-ness?(check out Vol I/II/III/IV)! I& come across a plethora of awesome book covers, and wanted to share. What have been some of your recent favorites? Comment away!


Pocket Penguin 70 Alain de Botton "On Seeing and Noticing" Cover artwork: Laura Oakden

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Filled with a colorful cast of characters and presented in a bewitching voice that mingles the rhythms of Eastern storytelling with modern Western prose, this is a tale about memory and the importance of controlling one's own fate.


Details about They magazine's August/September issue on Magpile, the online reference to the world of magazines.

Paul Rand  •	Initiated the idea to move America into a modern design aesthetic  •	Used complex shapes and kept things very asymmetrical  •	Tried to understand the value of the ordinary  •	Used signs and symbols to translate a visual communication  •	“integration of form and function for effective communication”

The Captive Mind bookcover, graphic design by Paul Rand Vintage poster for the play Kaspar by Peter Handke