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Oki Sato of Japanese design firm, Nendo, has come up with a solution to our number one chopstick problem that has lasted for thousands of years: storage.

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Nambe Scoop Server for chips and dip, sleek and modern at Bloomingdales

This is so great!  One of my pet peeves is the crap on the broom!! Sweeping is made easy with this #HomeHack from #Magtek!

Broom & Dust Pan that helps get all the dust bunnies off! Would be so helpful with the dog hair!

Cat Candle with a skeleton. Kind of cool, kind of creepy.

DESIGN: PyroPet, the Melting Cat Skeleton Candle PyroPet is a new brand created by designer Thorunn Arnadottir and Dan Koval, product developer. PyroPet is a family of animal shaped candles that each.

Почему бы не покупать необходимые бытовые вещи, которые заставят вас улыбаться?

Эти крутые товары сделают ваш быт ярче

Buy Harold Import 00508 "Talisman Designs" Cherry Chomper Cherry Pitter at Wish - Shopping Made Fun

daily life lab Rainy Pot

Rainy Pot is a wall-hung flowerpot with a cloud-shaped water filter. It allows the plant within to be watered by ‘raindrops’. Read also on Offsomedesign Reusable slim water bottle Ceramic Wig Vase Eggling – Crack ‘n’ Grow Sprout – pencils with seed

The Good Boy and Good Puppy lamps are by a UK artist and designer who simply goes by the moniker “Whatshisname“. Designed for the Art Below exhibition in London, they were ultimately banned for being “too offensive”. They’re available in limited editions of 100 (Good  Boy) and 200 (Good Puppy). Mostly, the fact that you have to step on a turd (something I generally try my utmost to avoid) to turn the light on makes me giggle.

Pooping Dog Lamps - Good Boy and Good Puppy are two, pooping dog, floor lamps designed by Whatshisname. To turn the lamps on or off, one must step on a fake dog crap.

ของน่าใช้มีดีไซน์สัตว์น่ารักๆ เป็นส่วนประกอบ

This teacup sold by Japanese store Rakuten features a hidden animal (bear, owl or fox) which makes a surprise appearance as you drink your tea.