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malus  | Malus (Manzana)
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Sedum kimnachii
blog de suculentas y cactus
Hemos seleccionado las mejores flores para perfumar tu jardín y que puedes consultar a continuación.
He encontrado este interesante anuncio de Etsy en https://www.etsy.com/es/listing/179522634/modern-faceted-geometric-planter-for-air
"How To" - #Grow #Ginger from Ginger | Photo #Tutorial | Self-Explanatory | Grow Ginger from Cuttings | Growing Ginger is SUPER EASY! I put some in a clear 'air tight' container in my counter, and just the other day went to add a new piece I had bought to the container, imagine my SURPRISE! to find that the old piece of Ginger had sprouted and now has a 1" little Green Sprout growing!! *lol* and that is WITHOUT any Water or Sunlight! | ~~ http://www.pinterest.com/bonniebuchanan ~~ | #howto
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