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Cute little ladybugs are quite the predators! A little lion in the garden, to eat the bad guys. ♥ ladybugs ♥Love to see them in my garden.

always a lady

a few people do too but every ladybird manages it every time!you will have the bestest garden i promise!


wow - I've never seen a purple ladybug! It's a Photoshop. However, there are blue Lady beetles. Steelblue Ladybird Halmus chalybeus Boisduval (I thought all ladybugs were red with black spots!


Seven-Spotted Ladybird or Seven-Spotted Ladybug (coccinella septempunctata)

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image of a lady bird formy colouring book research board for Insects.

a amarelinha

Yellow ladybug - ©/cc Louise Docker (aussiegall) - www. I have seen this coloured one.