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Welcome to Nightvale: Cecil Tattoos by Dark-Sunlight72.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

My high school bestie/roommate/wife/lover in the night is taking a cosplay class this semester and she wanted to cosplay as Cecil from Welcome to Nightvale. She made most of her outfit by hand, whi.

Like A Springboard

7+ Hilariously Accurate Comics About Adulthood And Life By Owlturd

If we handled problems like this, things wouldn't be as complicated as it seems

MLP: DUSK and FiM alicorn comparisons by KPenDragon on deviantART (Alysia's comment: So awesome! I like the darkness empowered ones. :3)

Huge file is HUGE just as a warning. So, what is this you ask? Well…idk, I just felt like comparing the FiM Alicorns with my DUSK Alicorns. Yes, I shoul. MLP: DUSK and FiM alicorn comparisons

Trifecta of scifi Stars - Star Wars, Star Trek and Stargate << Guess I'll have to watch Stargate too

Trifecta of scifi Stars - Star Wars, Star Trek and Stargate. plus that Zelda reference

ART & MAYHEM <--- A few different versions of Cecil's tattoos, I asume?

Saw the Night Vale live show at the Paramount this past weekend and I loved it to bits- such a wonderful group of people making us laugh, making us cry, making us run from giant spider monsters. I was gonna try to give this to the cast after the show.