maquillaje parece que arrancaron piel de una mujer en la parte de la cara

18 Maquillajes de Halloween tan horripilantes que te harán tener pesadillas

Share this on WhatsAppThis Halloween, be gorgeous in a different way with these unique makeup ideas and be the star of every party you will [.

35 #maquillajes extraordinariamente #terroríficos para triunfar en #Halloween y convertirse en el centro de todas las miradas.

Las 35 ideas de maquillaje más increíbles para este Halloween

If you love Halloween, these 37 Halloween makeup ideas are definitely scary looking and are very realistic so choosing just one won't be easy!

Nail broke

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AMAZING bullet wound make up for Halloween. I made a wound like that out of toilet paper, school glue, and some makeup. I asked an officer if I looked ok and he said it looked too real

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