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The Duchess of Cambridge meets Bob at the premiere of A Street Cat Named Bob in London

James Bowen gives an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at A Street Cat Named Bob – the film fans have been purring about.

Charles Lindbergh.

35 Cats with totally cool cat marking

Melvin Vaniman and Kiddo the cat, aboard the steamship, Trent, after being rescued from failed airship America.

Crunchyroll - "Neko Zamurai" TV Drama Gets 2nd Season

Crunchyroll - "Neko Zamurai" TV Drama Gets Season

President Chester A. Arthur was THE first President to actually prepare for a career after the Presidency.  Here he is at his cat grooming graduation.  He was Washington's most successful cat groomer.

Mashup presidents: Chester A. Arthur - Cat Groomer - It’s not very well-known, but Chester A. Arthur comes from a long line of cat groomers. In fact, he’s one of the most renown cat groomers to ever.

VIDEO: It's World Cat Day! Cats! David Tennant! Together! | David Tennant News From www.david-tennant.com

David Tennant provides the soothing narration to a pair of films specially designed to bring calm to our beloved furry four-legged frien.

James Dean with Marcus, a Siamese cat who was a gift from Elizabeth Taylor

James Dean - Elizabeth Taylor gave James Dean his cat, Marcus, as a gift. The night of Dean's death, he gave Marcus to his friend Jeanette Doty to watch while he was away racing.

Margaret Mitchell who wrote Gone with the Wind

"Gone with the Wind" author and journalist Margaret Mitchell Courtesy of Atlanta History Center. She was so much more than an author; she was also a secret philanthropist and humanitarian.

There are cats and cats. – Denis Diderot   Patricia Highsmith with “Ripley”    W.H. Auden with “Pangur” “Pangur, white Pangur, How happy we are Alone together, s…

Literary cats;

Writers & Cats※※Samuel Bekette with Murphy and Watt