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Amigo no es cualquiera, sino quien lo demuestra

fuckyeahtattoos:Kurt Halsey birds and quote.Passei meses pesquisando até chegar a um desenho do Kurt Halsey,illustration by Kurt Halsey. Recently, a conference brought me to the city Kurt Halsey

Kurt Halsey <3

Kurt Halsey Drawings

Kurt Halsey Frederiksen, who looks an awful lot like the characters he creates, is a old pencil, pen and ink artist from Portland who I discovered through his LiveJournal fan base.

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We are more than most will ever find by Kurt Halsey

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that night when i comfortably slept on your laps... the most amazing feeling ever.. all my worries vanished away in that moment of time.

Always and Everything Love Cartoon couple picture with girlfriend name and Boy Friend name. Print and Write couple name on Anime couple image and photo.

Everyone needs a great quote to own - and this classic is full of 'em. So which is yours?

Which Thelma & Louise Quote Should Be Your Mantra?

A friend will help you up if someone knocks you down. A best friend says, "Stay down. I got this." // I got this indeed.

La de frases que uno encuentra #artcreatiu #pasas #almendras #frasesmolonas #lunes #semana

La de frases que uno encuentra #artcreatiu #pasas #almendras #frasesmolonas #lunes #semana