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Elements of the Panzer Lehr. Near Tilly-sur-Seulles June 9, 1944.

German soldiers of Panzer Lehr Division study a map of the region surrounding village of Tilly-sur-Seulles during the Battle of Normandy shortly.

General Karl-Wilhelm von Schlieben, commander of the German garrison at Cherbourg, shortly after his surrender on June 26. In his pocket was found a menu from a dinner honoring him a few weeks earlier, featuring lobster and champagne.

General Karl-Wilhelm von Schlieben and Rear Admiral Walter Hennecke arriving at the Château de Servigny to discuss the surrender of Cherbourg, 26 June 1944

Troupes aéroportées américaines : Notions générales

US paratroopers fix their static lines before a jump before dawn over Normandy on D-Day. (paratroopers and glider-borne troops of the and airborne divisions.

US soldiers on Omaha, June 1944.

June 1944 - Operation Overlord Normandy Landings D-Day. soldiers laden with equipment on Omaha Beach.

Normandy june 44 German soldiers glance upwards at allied planes

Troop`s during a lull glance at the sky , as Allied aircraft fly over - Normandy, June 1944

Scherman 1944 in Frankrijk bij caen

A British Sherman VC 'Firefly' (Medium Tank, of 'C' Squadron,The Staffordshire Yeomanry, Armoured Brigade in the vicinity of Lebisey Wood,.

Heinz Wilhelm Guderian (17 June 1888–14 May 1954) was a military theorist and innovative General of the German Army during the Second World ...

The Tank God.Patton studied his ideas Heinz Wilhelm Guderian June May was a military theorist and innovative General of the German Army during the Second World .

GO- B - A British armoured column moves off from Gold Beach, Normandy, 7th June 1944

Les paysages du Débarquement en photos, en 1944 et aujourd'hui

June A Cromwell tank leads a British Army column from the County of London Yeomanry, Armoured Division, after landing on Gold Beach on D-Day in Ver-sur-Mer, France Reuters