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La realidad de Sony Vaio...

Funny pictures about Vaio Logo: Mind = Blown. Oh, and cool pics about Vaio Logo: Mind = Blown. Also, Vaio Logo: Mind = Blown photos.

A little goes a long way ...

Un café sil vous plait! Actually a rare sight this sign. Contrary to the myths,most Parisian & French waiters are very polite (until you start to annoy them, then they have a sarcasm superpower).

Unix brand wallpaper.

We have a NGINX configuration as example in GitHub. If you see the default file there, it is hugely big. It is difficult to find a line and manage. Line number 209 to 342 is of WordPress Plugin. We can make it easily usable, editable etc.

cool ... witzig ... knuddelig ... praktisch ... oder einfach nur inspirierend ...

Picdump #216

Lol. Perfect definition.

Funny pictures about Long time ago. Oh, and cool pics about Long time ago. Also, Long time ago.

Today you learnt something new…

Today you learnt something new…

Don't know if all of these are true or not, but they sound interesting. and if they are true, Gordon Cooer rules!

The Most Common Cause Of Cardiogenic Shock

Cardiogenic shock is the inability to meet the metabolic needs due to severely impaired contractility of either ventricle. That leads to decreased tissue perfusion and a shock like state.


always be yourself unless you be unicorn funny fairy hippy silly animal i love magical magic arts festival birthday TSHIRT



reeder-3.png (150×150)

reeder-3.png (150×150)


I'd barely dare to climb or walk where these guys go by bike in full speed!