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Universal Love

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Eternal love One day, dusk was falling rapidly As if some veil is gravitating towards earth Making everything look murky and blue. Our hero,the moon. entered the scene And started throwing his.

caption: All love and union starts with oneself- that love for oneself and a deep and sacred union with oneself, is essential....then one can finally experience the sacred and sanctity of union-mind, body, spirit and soul with the Divine Other. When we have love flowing in beautiful harmony and balance, as we give out - sacredness and sanctity of the union -as in Divine, then the higher frequencies and vibrations of Love can channel and this is what brings in true oneness and bliss(Judith…

The Sacred Twin Flame Reunion embodies a frequency throughout the spiritual…

Love 11" by 14" PRINT - lovers art, love painting, couple painting, spiritual art, lovers art print,

Love x PRINT - lovers art, love painting, couple painting, spiritual art, lovers art print

Twin flames, damn it, we speak through our eyes!!! U know it.. Lol Muah hate u... Asshole.. U marked it all yours;)

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Libra is the sign of partnership, symbolized by the scales. Gracious and fair, Libra is an easygoing friend and among the most social and popular signs of the zodiac.

The Waning Moon    When the moon is waning, it is on its way from full to dark, and grows smaller each night. This is a time when rituals and rites of banishment are appropriate. Use this time to send things away from you -- eliminate a toxic relationship, send away your financial problems or cast off all the things in your life that are negative.    ~  Blessed Be  ~       From The Coven Avalon page:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Coven-Avalon/167257740006205

Doorway to the Stars - Josephine Wall (born is a popular English fantasy artist.

4 Luis Tamani Amasifuen

Luis Tamani Amasifuen is a shaman and visionary painter who documents his encounters with the plant teacher, Mother Ayahuasca. Portraying transcendental experiences of unity with nature, Amasifuen’s work resonates with.

Spirit Kiss in the Sky

Native Americans Today added a new photo — with Frances Isabell Kelly.


No, it& not for my girlfriend and no I& not into romantic Emo art. A friend of mine got married and he wanted this drawing as a cover for a cd gift to all the guests.


Vincent van Gogh - Irises, 1890 - oil on canvas - Metropolitan Museum of Art (United States). When I saw this painting at the museum as a girl, I knew that I needed to know more about Van Gogh !