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Everything about Disney | 33 Signs The Illuminati Is Real

The illuminati pisses me off . Oh yeah, IT IS , literally ANYTHING with a triangle or the color red is " illuminati" or " illuminati approved" you cant just read all comments and NOT see one of those.

The Coming “New World Order”. interesting website. Some could be so truthful

Plans have already been passed to divide the United States into 10 sectors in the case of a major "Emergency" situation. and people you've never voted for are meant to take control of each sector (FEMA / Police State) Glad I'm a Montalian!

the art rat: fairy tales, princesses, racism, and sexism.     love my disney princesses but we've all been brainwashed!

the art rat: fairy tales, princesses, teach girls that they are more important and have more to offer than this.

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"Who calls him that?" Guardians of the Galaxy meets Disney.

Relationship On Frozen And Tangled I like this one, cause I had thoughts about Hans being related to the brothers from Tangled too

My Theory on the Origin of Elsa’s Powers

It makes more sense if the King of Arendelle and the Queen of Corona are brother and sister. They look more like siblings than the Queen of Arendelle and Corona.

Last one is golden

Last one is golden

Funny pictures about People who don't age. Oh, and cool pics about People who don't age. Also, People who don't age.

Helpful flowchart for dealing with conspiracy theorists

(larger version) Crispian Jago of The Reason Stick created this handy dandy Conspiracy Theory Flowchart to guide you to The Truth. Had enough government rh

McDonald's Illuminati Symbol | Monas - Hidden Meaning of McDonald's Golden Arches, and the Great Seal ...

I had long pondered the meaning of the famous golden arches promoting McDonald& home of the Big Mac. I had a few ideas but it didn& reall.

How's this for a 9/11 Conspiracy theory?   http://themillenniumreport.com/

I don't know if I believe this, but these are some interesting points

Crypto-Jew Jesuit subversive..

Pope Claims Jesus Failed On The Cross

Pope Benedict gives Illuminati hand signal?

Taylor Swift’s arm | 33 Signs The Illuminati Is Real

33 Signs The Illuminati Is Real

Taylor Swift’s arm

Sorry for the long post guys, here is an illuminati potato for you

The Salad Conspiracy: << nigahiga

Illuminati confirmed

Illuminati confirmed

'The Game of Conspiracy'. Keep in mind the game was created in 1982 - 1995 and the horrors that came to pass, such as obviously happened years later

Further proof that Umbridge is the epitome of evil. As if you needed any more proof...

Further proof that Umbridge is the epitome of evil. As if you needed any more proof. Not the Joe Walker version though. >> This just got me super excited and I ran into my room and grabbed the book to see for myself.


Bill = Alex Alex = Bill World Domination