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I Love You Elvish Bracelet Stainless Steel Promise, Engagement Jewelry Elvish Jewelry Couple Bracelet Fantasy Gift

Locket   Lockets Locket 36 from Madame Butterfly by DaWanda.com

Locket Antique silver thousand secrets

Locket Pendant Necklace Silver Locket Necklace Jewelry Gift Antique Locket Necklace Mothers Day Gift Graduation Gift More than items sold!

Aragorn's Anduril sword(Lord of the Rings) for larp/cosplay

Foam injected sword for latex free, fiberglass rod in the core. We ship worldwide, ask for more info about shpping costs please. Full length: Blade: Width: Thickness: Grip length: Guard: Grip circumference: 8 to Weight:

I found... Frodo, Legolas, and then Sauron. :)

first two names you see are your best friends in Middle-Earth. the third one is your arch nemesis. Mine: Tom Bombadil, Celeborn, and Gollum

I love when Gandalf says this! This is possibly my favorite scene in the whole trilogy!

The Lord of the Rings (fan-fiction)

I've seen so many people making fun of the healing scene when Tauriel starts glowing because ~*cheesy romance lol*~  NO. NO. REMEMBER THE SCENE IN THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING? Arwen starts glowing when Frodo sees her after he is stabbed by the Witch-king. DID HE LOVE HER? nooo. The elves are glowing because these two boys are about to die. Not because they are in love.<<< thank you previous pinner.

Frodo and Kili percieved them as glowing because they were so close to death and darkness, they could literally see Arwen and Tauriel's pure, Elven souls shining through. < Wow < And Bilbo saw the elves REALLY SHINY when he wore the ring!

Gimli Beard. The only beauty tutorial you'll ever need. Omg this is hilarious!

This Is How To Braid Your Hair Into A Gimli Beard

This Is How To Braid Your Hair Into A Gimli Beard-- This is awesome. Your hair color and length and texture would be perfect. :) <<this makes me want to have long hair😆

We are the 3 best friends that anyone could have

You Complete Me Sterling Silver hand stamped pendant Puzzle Pendant best friends forever custom personalized 3 part pendant this is from the hangover it's our theme song and