Excellent Article on Victorian Children!  Matchbox making one of the lowest paying jobs of the Victorian era, could be done at home where a mother and her children worked 12 hours a day gluing together strips of paper & wood to form lids and trays.  They also paid for their own paste and fire to dry the boxes.   English Historical Fiction Authors: The Plight of Victorian Children and Dr. Barnado's Homes

Matchbox making was the lowest paid home work. Women and children spent 12 hours a day pasting together strips of paper and wood to form lids and trays and paying for their own paste and fire to dry the boxes.

Poverty in liverpool. Poor little mites :-(

In the light of Russia's crushing poverty, Leo Tolstoy abandons art for a decade to concentrate on moral & religious writing, culminating in his 1882 essay, "So What Are We Then to Do?

This photograph by Kevin Carter shows a child famine victim in a feeding center.

° Soudan ° Famine ° (photo: Kevin Carter) all my troubles mean nothing when I see this. Break my heart Lord for what breaks yours. Please pray for the children of the world.

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Famine In Africa and poor Nations Must look at them all over the world No astsnaa. Shared by Edith Cruz

In 1945 while Berlin was being bombed this zoo resident shoebird was given domicile and cared for by a nurse in her apartment.

As Soviet troops approached Berlin in citizens did their best to take care of Berlin Zoo's animals.

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This site exists to discredit the idea of the Victorian standing post mortem photo. Post mortem photos do exist, but none of them are stand alone.