I would so that too...

Clint Barton would be that guy who'd ask Doctor Strange to speed up time just because he doesn't want to wait for the pizza delivery guy.

Bland Marvel Headcanons: Cap sings in the shower. He didn't realize the others were listening in until they start leaving him requests on sticky notes on the shower door.

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Except that as Captain America fighting in World War 2, there's probably a very good chance he has fought along side Russians. So there's a good chance he already knows how to speak Russian.

Yes this headcanon is life. Nat and Wanda being Red Bros and all the Russian going on behind Steve's back.

as far as I'm aware, clint wasn't born deaf, didn't he sacrifice his hearing for Bobbi. So should he not be speaking English?

A spell turn the Avengers to speak with their first language__ the binary reads 'help me'

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On Valentine's day he aims for everyone's arses and only answers to "Agent Cupid". He keeps shooting Steve whenever he talks to Natasha.

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Okay H you're deal and I don't speak English black widow and Hawkeye Clint and Natasha

Well Hawkeye has a hearing loss because he used a sonic arrow to help the wounded Black Widow who then abandoned him.>> you're deaf and I don't speak English I'm-

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Breathe easy with standard Automatic Emergency Braking on the 2018 Nissan Rogue. #NissanandTheLastJedi

Clint has puppy-dog-faced his way out more than fifty arrests. | What was he doing that got him those arrests in the first place?

Headcanon: When the Avengers get annoyed with Spider-Man, they use to just drop him off at Xavier Academy