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I would so that too...

Clint Barton would be that guy whod ask Doctor Strange to speed up time just because he doesnt want to wait for the pizza delivery guy.

these things usually get on my nerves so its nice to have a twist haha

<<<< I feel like she would hear it too though by glaring at them buy planning the revenge slowly. Clint is more of a impulsive dude, bat plans herself out

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Clint's day-to-day life just seems so hard | Clint and thinking fast | Marvel

Clint Barton> One day Clint aims his bow and arrow at Tony and tells him in a dark, terrifying voice to "Think fast." Tony stops after that.

Nerf || Clint Barton || AskHawkeye || #fanart

On Valentine's day he aims for everyone's arses and only answers to "Agent Cupid". He keeps shooting Steve whenever he talks to Natasha.

Clint Barton had some of the BEST lines in Age of Ultron!! His story is amazing! His arc is fabulous!! I got my Clint Barton fix AND NOW I NEED MORE!!!!

Clint was so fabulous in AoU! Everything was great, except, well, cough^Laura^cough