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Brains are awesome.... I wish everyone had one....

I think my chart is at volume 3 or When I see a new doctor and they ask for my chart to be faxed to them I just laugh. I once had a doctor write in my chart, "Pleasant man who looks younger than he is.


It sounds like crickets. Or the disgusted, simultaneous eye roll of literally every single person you know, basically every time you remind the world you exist.

Everything Paleo!

I'd do anything to lose except eat healthy and work out. ( I work out so mine is just eat healthy.

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I love everybody. Some I love to be around, some I love to avoid, an others I'd love to punch in the face!

Hehe Squires Squires Abbott-Keen some things didn't change. Oh well they can stay up there!

Picture Display Rack

I'm sorry that I got angry and said a lot of things that I meant but still should not have said. --this is totally me.