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Priscilla Burris

Mother's Day is fast approaching, arriving May and I want to get a head start on the day by sharing this wonderful book with you.

ADOPTED BY GINNY Jazzy,, age Likes inspirational quotes and draawing. No powers, wears glasses and small earrings

The Peter Patter Book, author: Leroy F. Jackson, illustrator: Blanche Fisher Wright

Illustration from "The Peter Patter Book: Rimes for Children" by Leroy F. Jackson, illustrated by Blanche Fisher Wright; published by Rand McNally & Co.

Happy travel II - As de trèfle & 7 de coeur

Happy travel II - As de trèfle & 7 de coeur page of portraits within this site

Ally and the Tigers by ~Lumichi on deviantART

Snowstorm Digital Art by Providence, Rhode Island, US based artist Olivia Chin Mueller Swamp girl by luminatefalls Ami Ally and the tigers Tokidoki x tinierme Roost Lumi Cosmonaut View the website