Impresión del arte "Alma salvaje"

This is the Speedpainting of my newest painting -Wild Soul- (I painted on it houres real time) What i used for this painting: -Ecoline Watercolors -Touch.

Bust commission for of their character Serine!They gave me freedom to put beads and things on their char so I had tons of fun.

¡Haz Pixie frío - Fox - pintura como una alta calidad de impresión en cualquier tamaño que desee!  La obra de arte se imprime en papel de alta calidad (250 gm2) y serán enviado excepto en un papel!  Todas las impresiones llegará a mano firmado por Pixie frío y con una impresión extra!!!!!!  ¡Ahora el eyecatcher original

New Diamond Painting Colorful Fox Cross Stitch Diamond Embroidery Animal diamond Mosaic Resin Home Decor DIY diamond

So pretty

So pretty

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wow, real original title, go me :'D a very late birthday gift for of her OC I haven't painted fur in a very long time so I was a little worried, but this came out better than I expected, so I'm gla.


Watercolor by Denise Soden. It's so nice that she painted the live-action Cheshire in cartoon Cheshire colors!


Mystic, the alpha. No one has challenged him because he is meant to be a leader, he made us the pack with his mate moon. Bringing their names together making MysticMoon pack. He's a packer(warrior)._ Wolf black and red

This artist has not chosen to change the composition and position of the figure to create a mood, but rather to alter the colours to more abstract hues of blue and purple. This gives us a sense of something cold, dark and mysterious. The bright yellow eyes draw your attention to the center of the painting. The colour of the eyes may reveal a personality different from the one that may appear on the outside, something not as cold and stern.

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