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This would be soooo sad! Vampires are inmortal and live forever(or al least until they get badly injured)and Finn, Jake, and Princess Bubblegum(Bonnibel) died.< no bonnie or princesss bubblegum is also immortal so just finn and jake will die!

Awesome collage-type drawing with Marceline, Marshall Lee, Prince Gumball, and Princess Bubblegum.

Adventure Time Bubbline Marceline Princess Bubblegum My art marshall lee Prince Gumball genderbending marball okay i'm not even going to pretend my stuff makes sense anymore

Dark Sonic I think we'll probably see him in the movie. They could do something so awesome !

JOY ANG - kingofooo: Adventure Time: Stakes DVD cover...

kingofooo: “ Adventure Time: Stakes DVD cover artwork designed and painted by character & prop designer Joy Ang STAKES premieres Monday, November at on Cartoon Network The DVD is set to be.

If Bubblegum meets Teeny Marceline - i guess you can say that bubblegum got a hold of those memory powders and used it on marcelines memories and ta da this happens lolololol–Curryuku >>> or she went back in time!