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El stupido

I wore the same knee socks as this girl once and she cried because I copied her.>---At school I wore the same shirt and we just high fived each other then walked away.

Story of my life

I hate it when that happens i will be in a really good dream then i wake up and i try to go back to sleep but it dosent work. But when i have a bad dream i wake up and then fall back asleep and the bad dream is still there.

Always happens to me!!

dear family, if i tell you about what happened in my day and i mention having a conversation with a boy awesome musn't say that i have like them or they like me, no said guy (whomever that may be) is not going to ask me out.

Happens to me Alll the time

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Teenager Post *phone vibrates at home* you can barely hear it. *phone vibrates at school* FREAKING EARTHQUAKE!

Me mentally playing the Jepordy song in my head as the microwave is going.

Most of these teen posts are strange and i dont know why i didnt make a quotes board so im pinning them on my style board. my-style

Teen post

yup once I'm in the shower I don't wanna get out XD

Yes please

So it's like this quote was written for me this quote is what I feel I have always wanted to live/ be a girl! This quote sums up me !

Or when you're trying to get your mom's attention and end up saying her actual name instead of just mom so that she'll respond lol

(calling my mom) *normal voice* Mom.*really low voice* Mom! <----- so true!

Sometimes there isn't one, and you have to sit there for a full 30 seconds!

i wait all the time and when the adverts on i just shout at the screen: NOBODY CARES NOW LET ME WATCH MY VIDEO! Angel: 5 second my butt. Those 5 seconds last a Doctor Who episode, a Harry Potter book, and a 5 minute nap

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So I'm the person who will show people around the school, and I was asked to show this one girl around the school. It was very awkward saying the new person to everybody

Teenagers aren't the only people who do this. And throw it at people

Teenager post wow I thought I was alone in this lol. then I start tying them together. Ditto <--------- haha I start grass wars with my friends!<<<< When i played soccer i used to make nests for my soccer ball

When I was a kid I....

I used to be friends with this weird girl named Isabella. oh wait, i still am. U know i luvu in that friend kinda way. it sounded a lot less awkward in my head.