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Accurate -.- Well at least the ponies. Some of the new fans are great and just didn't know about them before x)

I'm a new fan but honestly, Luke is my favorite (or Ashton) but I love them all. Calum, Micheal and Ashton, are all just as important to the band as Luke.

The story of my LIIIIIYIYYYIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

but i am punk rock i mean cmon guys i like scratching ppl with my fingernails i like to hurt people i love a weird screaming/edm/pop band that no ones ever heard of and do u know how much crap i take from non new england patriots fans?

Crazy together, that is why they are perfect. love them so much lol

Imagine Luke with a high pitched voice trying to do a Michael impression.

But ... He can actually do it ... Perfectly ...<<<them legs

He's such a dork. :p<<<my family calls this the jiminy cricket<< we call it a bell kick in dance… sadly his is better than mine

I feel like Michael teases Luke the same way i tease my best friend. I kinda feel like me and mikey are really similar but idk<<<< "You're an ugly fairy" XD