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Mis marcadores

Mis marcadores

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Valentine's Day Yuri On Ice by EryenArt on DeviantArt -- Viktuuri and Otayuri

When I was looking a this it reminded me of Tokyo ghoul.

After winning the silver in the Grand Prix Final, Yuuri and Viktor return to Japan to figure out what their future will hold. Along the way however, Yuuri finds out there's more to Viktor than he originally thought.

Yuri on ice- Otabek Altin and Yuri Plisetsky

oh my god, when i first saw the welcome to the madness video, i almost screamed

Viktor Nikiforov (Виктор Никифоров)

Page 3 Read Especial de Viktor from the story Yuri! on Ice by AobaKurohikari (Aoba P Kurohikari Seragaki) with reads.

Yuri on ice

Wallpaper Viktor Nikiforov x Yuuri Katsuki - Viktuuri Yuri! On Ice / Yoi

Héhé humour dessin sexy

This is my absolute favorite pin I look at it every fucking day like,bless the artist! Yoi I always saw this pin but never knew it was Otayuri

Why are you mad for some reason Yuri?

Yuri On Ice

Did u just said Yuri On Ice ? anyways here is some stuff of ユリ on Ice like photos , memes and ships , enjoy ~ !

Aquí encontrarán mucha cosas de Yuri on ice :D   Imágenes Mini cómics… #detodo # De Todo # amreading # books # wattpad

Yuri on ice :D